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At Agaram Broking, we have developed Risk Management System (RMS) and Policies to avoid any risk related to commodity trading. Our RMS is highly efficient and regularly upgraded as per the Market trends, MCX and SEBI norms.

The Model of Risk Management System in Agaram Broking consists of Agaram Broking Branches, Franchisee, Sub Brokers and Authorised Person.

All the Branches, Staff of Agaram Broking including Higher Authorities, all Sub Broker and Franchisee needs to follow the all applicable RMS policy as it is essential part of our company.

Functions of Risk Management System

• To Monitor Clients Order, Trends of Trade, Rejected Order and increasing of Limits.
• To Monitor Profit and Loss in commodity trading.
• To Benchmark Margin and Exposure of client
• To take Decision with respect to consequence on account of loss / Margin reduction or any other reasons that may come across in commodity trading.

Any type of risk related to all/any the commodity trading activities for Branch/Sub Broker/Authorised Personal/ Franchisee /Clients/ is handled by Our Risk Management System.

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