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Agaram offers online commodity trader to use NEST trading platform such as a desktop, web and mobile (Android / iOS)

NEST Desktop - Simply the most Powerful trading platform

Trade on Nest, an intuitive front-end solution that connects to a robust back end server and executes orders at a lightning fast speed.

NEST Desktop Features

  • Performance : Robust and stable trading platform.
  • Multiple Venues : Trade Futures, options, stocks and commodities under one roof.
  • Charting Capabilities : Plethora of charting capabilities that help in performing technical analysis.
  • Execution : The platform gives you an unparalleled trade execution advantage.
  • Order Types : Cover order, basket order, bracket order, multi-leg orders and more.
  • Calculators : Option calculator, Implied Volatility Calculator, VWAP Calculator and TOP N Calculator.
  • Market Depth : Market depth shows the supply and demand for stock at various prices and can be a key indicator of market sentiment.

NEST WEB - Simply the most Powerful trading platform

NEST web traning platform has a range of products catering to the need of a seasonal investor to the frequent trader in India commodity Market. Other than the standard trading features, here are some of the key features of the NEST Web Trading Platform:

NEST WEB Features

  • NEST Trader offers an ability to manage shortcut keys.
  • Alerts and trigger help to keep track of the commodities.
  • NEST Trader Shortcut Manager helps the user to customize shortcuts.
  • Various plug-ins are available for advanced users.
  • Robust and stable trading platform.
  • Very well documentation is available in PDF and Videos.
  • Advanced charts and advance order types are available.
  • A range of preference settings available for users to customize the trading experience.



1) All the technical you would like to know about the commodity - Open, high, low, close, 52 week high, circuit limit, Market depth
2) Technical indicators like Super Trend , RSI, Stochastic, Bollinger Band, ROC, Money flow index the list just goes on.
3) Create your watch list all the commodities one go. View their price performance with just a single tap.
4) Advanced charting at your fingertips…literally! View charts across multiple chart types (Heiken Ashi, Renko, Points and Figure, Candle Stick, OHLC etc.)
5) FUND TRANSFER - Enjoy fast, secure and seamless fund transfer experience with Agaram Mobile Trader.
6) Alerts and Notifications: Never miss anything important. With our alerts feature, you can get alerted when a commodity reaches a certain price. You also receive notifications regarding all relevant information about the market.

What are Bracket Orders?

Bracket order is an order whereby the users will be able to place 3 orders as a combination from a single window. The user will be able to enter parameters for taking a new position, squaring off the position and keeping a stop loss for that position.


  • In a Bracket Order, a Traders can place 3 orders at a time:
    • Entry Price
    • Target Price
    • Stop Loss Price
  • In case, either of the exit orders i.e. Target price or Stop Loss price get executed, the other pending order shall get cancelled automatically by the system.
  • Another one of Hassle free concept:
    • You can trail your Stopples automatically
    • No need to any manual changes in trailing stop loss ,during Live market hours.

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